Nossen Castle
The Elite, Myths, Errors

Knight’s castle, abbey, hunting lodge… A mysterious story is lurking behind the ancient walls of Nossen Castle in Central Saxony, which was originally built as a manor in the 12th century before Augustus the Strong arranged for it to be converted into a travel and hunting lodge. Nossen Castle may exude the magnificence of European high culture on the outside, but the inside reveals the darker side of former centuries… The cruel practices of the medieval judicial system are reflected by murky holding cells and fiendish torture instruments. Saxony’s most infamous mistress, Countess Cosel, was also accommodated at Nossen Castle for a month in 1716 before being banished to Stolpen Castle. The turbulent history of the Saxon nobility is presented in various special exhibitions at Nossen Castle.


Nossen Castle

Am Schloß 3 | 01683 Nossen

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