Nossen Castle has served as a knights‘ castle, an abbot’s seat and electroral hunting lodge; later then as an office and place of jursidiction and execution, of which the tower and prison cells tell still today. The exhibition parts report on the changeful history of the castle, on esteemed guests, such as Napoeleon and Countess Cosel, and outline the traces of Saxon noble families off the electoral-royal court.

Since 2012, changing exhibitions are dedicated to the Saxon nobility, their ways of living and working.


Nossen Castle

Am Schloß 3 | 01683 Nossen

Property of State Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony, non profit

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"The history of the castle, the bailiwick and the huntsmanship"

In ist past, Nossen Castle served as a knights’ castle, an abbot’s seat, electoral hunting lodge and seat of the bailiwick. On the first floor of the west wing, you can learn more about the history of the bailiwick and of the hunting castle and inform yourself about the development of minting and more modern jursidiction. A figural scene with an audio installation enacts authentic court proceedings at the Nossen Bailiwick. In the Elector’s and Fireplace Room, one can get a feel for the previous splendor of the hunting lodge.

The cellar underrneath the south tower in the west wing – also known as the Lips Tulian Tower – holds an approximately 10-m-deep dungeon. A radio play illustrates the fate of one of the inmates. A (reconstructed) torture chamber and prison cells from its time of as a correctional facility can be inspected in the »Fronveste«.

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Incarceration and Torture

From dungeon to penitentiary up to present-day correctional facility – the history of imprisonment has changed tremendously. 

Crime has existed for as long as mankind has, not so imprisonment. This only begins with prisons in monasteries: contrition instead of vengeance to return to the right path in life. In the 19th century, additionally to the idea of protecting the general public, the idea of resocializing prisoners emerged. 

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